The 1st, 2nd and 4th segments of the Orăştie-Sibiu highway will be opened for traffic on 19th of December, according to the users on Construim România infrastructure forum, information which confirms the schedule announced by the authorities: December this year.

The three segments of the highway totalize 61 km and after their opening, Romania gets closer to a new milestone: almost 600 km of highways. More precisely 591, the Government related to the highways programme priorities, which gave the figures of 530 km currently existing.

The 1st Segment of Orăştie-Sibiu highway is 24 km and is built by Strabag, the second, with 20 km length by Straco Grup and Studio Corona, and the fourth, of 16 km, by Astaldi and Euro Construct. The third, which also includes the already famous Aciliu viaduct, will be inaugurated next year, due to landslides.


According to Construim România calculations, the necessary time to cover the distance decrease with 28 minutes compared to the one needed for the same segment on the current national road. (source: