The investment, which started with the acquisition of a slaughterhouse in Southern Romania, will tote up to about EUR 5 million and will include the upgrading of the processing lines, the slaughtering capacity extension, the development of the cutting lines, the purchase of specialized logistics infrastructure and the development of an efficient IT system. The unit currently has a slaughter capacity of 120 pigs per hour and is located in Niculesti, Dambovita county.


“The purchase of this slaughterhouse is part of Agricover’s expansion strategy for its integrated business model that we developed for zootechnics farmers. Thus, we come with a solution to one of the major problems faced by farmers in the South, namely the lack of a slaughterhouse with a relevant processing capacity,” said Stefan Bucataru, CEO Agricover.


Agricover aims to refurbish and modernize the slaughterhouse in order to meet the required standards of food safety and operational efficiency.


Black Sea Trade and Development Bank funded the project, as part of a collaboration agreement. (source: