The industrial park in Cluj County, which covers 40 ha of land, hosts 20 companies, which have made investments over 50 million euros in the past 10 years and created over 2,000 jobs.

"For this year, we have three large projects: building a sector-specific business incubator in the field of automotive components on an area of 13,000 square meters, worth about 6,5 million euros. Another project is a Logistic Park - more precisely 6 modular logistics facilities, A class, with an area of approximately 19,000 sqm in total, whose construction has already begun", says Adriana Cristea, initiator and founder of the Park.

According to her, the third project is to build this year a 25 MVA High Voltage Power Station.

The works of the 6 modular facilities will be completed in two stages, the first module being available starting in 2019.

"It is an ambitious project, but we are accustomed to the challenges. We already offer our customers the best conditions to run their business, so we know what we have to do to ensure that through the facilities and top services we offer we can support the way for the future partners", said Stefan Cristea, general manager Arc Parc Dej.

The facilities will be built on a concrete structure, each of the modules offering the possibility of mounting a slide bridge. The practical element of this project is that, at the request of future customers, the walls of the modules can be taken out, creating a larger space. This makes it very easy to change the destination from logistic to production.

The construction of this logistics park in the region comes as a response to the growth of the logistics and industrial market. The location of the facilities in the industrial park comes with certain utilities - the already existing and available utility networks (electricity, gas, water, sewage, telecommunications) and the fiscal facilities related to the industrial parks in Romania.

"The most important thing is to make your business partner aware of the unlimited opportunities this private industrial park offers. We come with a supportive environment for development, innovation and accelerating business ideas", says Georgiana Pricop, Chief Business Development Officer of Arc Parc Dej.

The Cristea family (mother and son) announces that 80% of the proposed premises have already been contracted, which encourages them to consider a new expansion.

"Over 200 jobs will be created, and by 2021, with the completion of Dej ring road, correlated with the express road Dej - Cluj-Napoca - Turda, we will also be able to offer transport facilities", concluded Ştefan Cristea, General Manager Arc Parc Dej. (source: ARC PARC INDUSTRIAL)