“Bilka Steel finalized the procedures and signed the documents that grant it ownership over Romlag Brasov’s real estate asserts, covering a surface of 27,000 square meters. The recently acquired buildings are situated on the Rulmentul Brasov in the vicinity of our assets. By adding the new surface to the 17,500 square meters we already own, we will reach a total area of 45,000 square meters meant for depositing, production lines and office spaces”, the press release states.

The company will invest EUR 5 million by 2016, according to their estimates. Bilka Steel’s investment plan will focus on developing products for the industrial and residential segments in parallel with expanding the area for its activities.

“In order to reach an optimum spread we need another 15,000 square meters. We are already considering buying a new space on the former Rulmentul platform”, Horatiu Tepes, company owner, stated in the press-release.

Bilka Steel is out to increase its production capacity in the next year and is also interested in buying a local producers.


The company ended 2013 with a turnover of RON 104 million (EUR 23 million), according to zf.ro. Romlag Brasov went bankrupt in 2011, after separating from the Rulmentul Factory in 1996. (source: business-review.eu)