These companies will occupy approx. 10,000 sq. m overall, 6% of the usable area of the platform and will create between 40 and 60 working places.

Starting April 2014 the construction works of the park, the first industrial park in Bistrița Năsăud county, are ongoing. The entrepreneurs, Antrepriza de Reparații și Lucrări Cluj (Strabag) and Serbis Bistrița, are determined to complete the works even before schedule, so that the end of 2014 could signify the inauguration of the industrial platform.


The Industrial Park Bistrița Sud is situated in the locality of Sărata. The project, belonging to the Local Council Bistrița, obtained the title of industrial park through the Ministry of Administration and Interns Order no. 262/20.11.2012.


The park with the value of approximately EUR 10 million is developed with the support of the European funds and will occupy 30 ha of land, with a usable area of 180,000 sq. m.


According to the project, after two years since the completion of the construction the occupancy rate sould reach 26 pct.  (source: