The positive evolution is a consequence of introducing new services and increasing the number of clients in the business segment. The B2C (online commerce) segment is up 112 percent year on year. As a result of the increase, Cargus had to move its storage and processing center in a new location, which contributed directly to expanding the delivery capacity by 15 percent.


“We wanted to increase efficiency in our relationship with our clients and I believe we did it. We added new services and we enhanced our processing capacity of ever-growing volumes, since we had more space in the new HQ. I believe at this moment we can offer our clients a profitable partnership, not just a simple delivery service”, according to Gian Sharp, CEO Cargus.


For the second half of the year, the company expects its volumes to continue to expand, given that Cargus will merge with Urgent Curier.


“For Cargus, the challenge in the second half of the year is to successfully merge with Urgent Curier. Certainly this move will bring us a new position on the delivery market. By the end of the year we expect a 20 percent increase compared to the same period last year”, Gian Sharp added. (source: