When contacted by HotNews.ro, the Cargus International contact center team stated that “all Otto Curier clients were handed over to the Cargus company on July 11. Cargus only purchased the Otto client contracts; it did not take over the fleet.” 


On June 9, 2014, Abris Capital Partners, an important private equity company investing in mid-market companies from Central and Eastern Europe announced the purchase of Urgent Curier, one of the three largest national courier companies in Romania.


The transaction was carried out 20 months after Abris Capital Partners invested in the Romanian courier market by buying off Cargus in October 2012. The purchase will be followed by the merger of the two entities – Cargus International and Urgent Curier – resulting in a new company equipped with a fleet of over 1,800 courier vehicles, 1,800 couriers, and a logistic network of 142 warehouses spread out across the country.


The new organization leader will be Gian Sharp, currently CEO at Cargus, and the Board of Directors will consist of managers from Abris Capital Partners and the current owners of Urgent Curier. (source: nineoclock.ro)