“The decision to change the name in line with the brand was taken in order to have a unitary communication toward consumers, but also in order to reflect in our company name the identity of the brand that consecrated us. The launch of this brand was a strategic step because our company has won the consumers’ confidence, managing to make a name for itself on the masonry products market. Likewise, the Brikston brand played an essential role in transforming the company from a local to a national player,” Brikston Construction Solutions SA CEO Iulian Mangalagiu stated.


He also added that the changing of the company’s name also comes to meet export expansion plans and, in this way, the company’s unitary identity and brand is an advantage.


Iulian Mangalagiu also stated that apart from changing its name, Brikston Construction Solutions SA will continue this year to invest in the services it offers. Those services include ensuring transportation, free consultancy and special technical documentation and, at the same time, offering software that accurately calculates the construction materials needed.


“For 2015, Brikston Construction Solutions SA plans to continue the strategies that led to the growth of market share since 2008: territorial expansion, the development of its range of products, maintaining the quality of products at high standards. At the same time we will continue to adapt to our partners’ needs and to offer services as efficient and complex as possible,” Mangalagiu added.


Apart from the masonry products through which it made a name for itself, in time the company also developed an offer of complete ceramics solutions for constructions – Brikston klinker – a series that includes klinker brick, ceramic lining wall, klinker ceramic pavement, which stand out from the point of view of their aspect and endurance, products for special applications such as gridirons, brick for fences, ceramic granules for garden decoration.

“The launching of the two brands meant that from 2008 to 2012 the company’s sales tripled compared to what they were prior to the launch of these brands. One of the reasons, apart from the quality of products, was also the fact that the Brikston brand is strong and full of meaning. We combined the terms “brick” and “stone” in order to offer clients, through this name, the most important clue resulting from the usage of our bricks: resistance to compression. Moreover, the Brikston motto – “Sturdier than legally allowed” – says it all about our quality standards,” Iulian Mangalagiu emphasized.

Brikston Construction Solutions SA is one of the main players on the Romanian market for masonry and finishing works. The company has an experience of over 45 years and over 200 employees, being recognized on the market for the superior quality of its products, the diversified range of products offered and the masonry materials’ resistance to compression.


The company was set up in 1969, being known back then as the Ceramic Products Plant. In 1973 it merged with the reinforced concrete plant, thus laying the basis of the Construction Materials Plant Iasi, a plant consisting of two sections: the ceramic products section and the prefabricated products section. The two sections became independent commercial companies in 1991, branches of SC SOMACO SA Bucharest, and starting in 1992 SC CERAMICA SA Iasi became an independent company.


In 2007 the majority shares package was taken over by Advent International, which resorted to major investments and changes, and since 2014 the company has been owned by the ADM Capital investment fund as majority shareholder.


In 2012 Brikston became the only brick producer on the Romanian market that has 3 certificates in its portfolio: ISO 9001 – quality management; ISO 14001 – environment management; and OHSAS 18001 – labor security and health, which attests the company’s preoccupation with all the fundamental aspects of the brick production activity.


ADM Capital has invested in emerging markets for over 15 years. Founded in 1998 during the Asian financial crisis, ADM Capital has developed powerful relations with the companies that benefited from its investments, a fact that allowed it to build long-lasting presence both in Asia as well as in Central Asia, Russia, CIS and Turkey.


ADM Capital has earmarked USD 2.9 bln for 110 investments since its beginnings and is currently managing assets worth USD 1.6 bln. ADM Capital has offices in London, Kiev, Istanbul, Almaty, Mumbay, Beijing and Hong Kong and has a global team of over 50 professionals. (source: nineoclock.ro)