Ioan Neculce, the owner of Romchimprotect in Filipeşti, has declared: “This will be the first investment of such a value made in the last ten years in a village of our county. If the project’s completion by own sources was estimated for 2016, the Chinese businessmen involvement will allow the initial term shortage with more than two years. We will produce special chemical products and for areas protection, some of them designed for airline industry”.

With an area of approx. 3,000 sq. m the investment will create in the first phase approx. 50 jobs.

Sun Xiaohui, the general manager of the company Beijing Yadilite Aviation Chemical, explained: ”I think we will have a long term and fruitful cooperation. Certainly we will develop here, together, a large business. I hope that the products obtained from this factory to reach the soon as possible the Romanian market, as well as the Chinese one”.


Romchimprotect owns a series of invention patents in the field. (Source: