“The project will help us with investments in a centre of vehicle prototypes and in testing units for Euro 6 engines,” Dacia CEO Nicolas Maure announced. The two investment projects have a cumulated value that exceeds RON 171 M (EUR 38 M) and the non-reimbursable financing of more than RON 62 M (EUR 38 M). The financing will also serve at setting in place elements of infrastructure for the new 4×4 rear deck manufacturing lines and casts for lateral frames and two halls will be constructed for testing engines and vehicles in conditions of safety and without a negative impact on the environment. The Automobile Dacia company will begin the production of engines that comply with Euro 6 environment standards at the end of this year.

Monday, the Management Authority signed a total number of 6 projects with the Muntenia Auto Pole: the two investment projects, a research-development project worth EUR 1.2 M in total for RTR and three projects with a total value of EUR 740,000 which ensure the coordinated implementation of projects. The implementation of the projects will create and secure 108 jobs, they will result in obtaining three innovation patents, the turnover of the Pole will advance by 17 percent and the revenue obtained from exports will increase by 21 percent.


The Muntenia Auto Pole is formed of 30 entities, which include 21 commercial companies and a number of local authorities. The turnover of the Pole is EUR 3.1 bln and the turnover from export is EUR 2.2 bln. “Apart from investments, we are glad because there also are other partners in the competitiveness Pole, so the project will be a real embryo for the counties of Arges and Dambovita that will stimulate the development of all the partners in the project,” the Dacia official added. (source: nineoclock.ro)