Luminita Todor, recruitment specialist for DeLonghi, said that the future employees will have transport included.


“DeLonghi is hosting a recruitment drive on Wednesday for its factory in Jucu. We are looking for assembly mechanichs, meaning operators for the production line which assembles the company’s products. We intend on hiring 170 people from the region and we will provide transport to the factory”, Todor explained.


She added that candidates will have to pass the interview stage on Wednesday to get the job. Presently, the Jucu factory employs 900 people.


DeLonghi bought the factory in 2012 from Nokia and said at the time that it will hire 600 to 1,000 people for it. The factory restarted production at the start of 2013.


Jucu invested EUR 30 million in total in the Tetarom Industrial Park III where the factory is located. (source: