The project aims to improve the accessibility of the seventh biggest city in Romania to the benefit of industry, business and tourism. When the project is carried out they are to create 740 jobs. ‘This investment is an example of the way in which the EU regional funds can improve the citizens’ living conditions, helping at the same time the regions to become better places for doing business. A safe transport infrastructure is quite fundamental, not only for the functioning of the EU domestic market, but also for the economic and social welfare of the population,’ said European Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn.


The project is to be implemented by March 2015 and is made up of three sections. The first is 7.29 km long and aims to build the segment of the ring road between National Road (DN) 1 and DN 11, the second one is 4.92 km long and makes the connection between DN 11 and DN 13 and the last one, which is 6.34 km long, will ensure the connection between DN 13 and DN 1. (source: