Compared to the same time span last year, exports increased by 10.6 percent in 2014 in values denominated in RON (and by 8.1 percent in values denominated in Euros), while imports increased by 10.2 percent in values denominated in RON (and by 7.7 percent respectively in values denominated in Euros).


Romania’s FOB-CIF trade deficit stood at RON 7.842 billion (EUR 1.749 billion) in the first four months of the year, higher by RON 493.7 million (EUR 71.4 million) compared to the figure recorded in January 1- April 30, 2013. According to INS data, the total intra-community exchanges (Intra EU28) accounted for RON 54.003 billion (EUR 12.022 billion) in the first four months of 2014, in exports, and for RON 63.176 billion (EUR 14.067 billion) in imports, representing 71 percent of total exports and 75.3 percent of total imports.


The value of extra-community exchanges (Extra EU28) in the abovementioned interval was worth RON 22.097 billion (EUR 4.910 billion) in exports and RON 20.766 billion (EUR 4.615 billion) in imports, representing 29 percent of the total exports and 24.7 percent of the total imports. In April 2014, according to the provisional estimates of the INS, the FOB exports of Romania totalled RON 18.682 billion (EUR 4.176 billion), while the CIF imports totalled RON 21.512 billion (EUR 4.811 billion). (source: