Thus, according to market figures, the first place is held by CTP, with 1.22 million square meters developed so far and another 216,000 square meters under construction and a market share of 24%. The podium is completed by WDP in second place, followed by P3 Logistics Parks.

In the top of the largest transactions on the industrial market in 2020, CTP is also in first place, through the acquisition of Equest Logistic Park and A1 Business Park, as well as the Mobexpert warehouse on the A1 motorway. CTP owns 15 logistics parks, according to data provided by Dunwell.
WDP ranks second, with 1.08 million square meters built, another 202,700 square meters under construction. WDP owns a total of 15 logistics parks.
P3 Logistics Parks, the 3rd place occupant, developed 482,000 sqm in a single logistics park. The 4th place belongs to the Global Vision company, with 260,000 sqm developed in 6 logistics parks and another 110,000 sqm under construction. Logicor (180,000 sqm developed in 6 parks, 36,000 under construction), VGP (171,000 sqm developed in 4 parks and 20,000 sqm under construction) and Helios Phoenix (146,000 sqm built in 5 parks, 15,000 sqm under construction) occupy the following positions.

They are followed by the developer Zacaria, with 112,500 sqm developed in six parks and another 13,200 sqm under construction and MLP, with 97,600 sqm built in 4 parks and 10,000 sqm in development. On the last place in the Top 10 is Element Industrial with 55,000 sqm developed in 4 parks and another 18,000 sqm under construction.

Last year, approximately 600,000 sqm of logistics and industrial spaces were built. And, as usual, Bucharest holds the leading place in developments, totaling over 450,000 square meters of newly delivered spaces. With these new deliveries, the stock of industrial spaces in Romania has exceeded the threshold of 5 million sqm, reaching 5.05 million sqm, compared to 4.46 million sqm in 2019. Of this stock, half is owned by the 3 major developers: CTP, WDP and P3. “This is also because 2020 was a better year in terms of traded industrial spaces than 2019, respectively there were larger areas by 37.93% (654,904 sqm vs. 474,800 sqm). Construction did not stop, but on the contrary continued throughout 2020, with adaptation to the conditions imposed by the pandemic. Almost all the construction sites that were underway at the beginning of the year continued and / or completed their works ", said Marian Orzu, Dunwell Managing Partner at the request of Forbes Romania.

Regarding the current year, it seems that, according to Marian Orzu, the industrial market is on an upward trend. "From what we see from the activity of our company, 2021 started very well, there is a very good pipeline of leads, there are still quite a lot of requests. What we are very happy about is that we have more and more requests from production, a field that has not been very active in recent years. We hope that during this year we will complete at least 3 transactions for production spaces, with areas of over 10,000 sqm each, in addition to the classic storage", added Marian Orzu, Dunwell Managing Partner. (source: