“The agreement offers Fabrica de Branzeturi Transilvania the right to operate out of the cheese factory in Taga commune, Cluj county. The society’s main shareholder is AgroTransilvania Cluster, in partnership with Cooperativa Agricola Somes Aries. In order to implement a sustainable business model, the agreement includes production for Nasal cheese, under the Napolact brander, but also a number of other cheese types, under AgroTransilvania Cluster’s brands”, according to a press release from the two dairy producers


FrislandCampina announced it would close down the cheese factory in Taga, on low sales for Romanian cheese specialities.



“We are very happy that we managed, through this innovative business solution, to resume activity at the Taga factory, a one-of-a-kind unit in Ardeal. From the moment we announced the conservation of our Taga unit, the consumers and other members of local communities sent us many messages expressing their regret for not being able to bay Nasal cheese. We are pleased that Nasal Napolact will be available on the markrt, soon. We expect production to be resumed in a couple of months”, according to Cornel Caramizaru, director of sales for Friesland Campina. (Source: business-review.eu)