Reloc and Electroputere VFU Craiova, controlled by Grampet, will launch production on a locomotive meant for freight trains. The production will be developed in partnership with American industrial group Caterpillar and represents a EUR 1.5 million investment in planning, testing and certification.


The locomotive, named “Terra Nova”, has two 630 horse-power engines, provided by Caterpillar, and has a starting price of 1 EUR million, according to Gratian Calin, Grampet vicepresident.


“This is a locomotive that sells itself and we don’t need special marketing. It is a compromise for European private operators, towards the low-cost end of the spectrum, who are considering buying a second-hand locomotive and instead can chose to buy a new one, at the same price”, the Grampet official argued.


So far, 12 locomotives have been ordered by two EU operators and are scheduled to be delivered next year.


VFU Craiova is intending to launch an electrical diesel engine, in partnership with Caterpillar, and design should begin next year.


“We want to operate three production lines in the near future: the shunting locomotive that we have now, an electrical diesel engine and an electric by-system engine”, according to Gratian Calin.


Total investments for the three production lines will add up to at least EUR 10 million.


Moreover, Grampet plans on launching production for a passenger train in Pascani in November, following an investment of EUR 36 million. (source: