At the other extreme, only 14% of the employees feel that 2019 has been a calmer and quieter year, and another 13% have enjoyed a better year.
Only 20% consider that 2019 was the same as the previous year, without significant changes.
What do Romanian employees want for holidays? 1 in 4 employees would like a new job, another 14% want more free time, 11% want to be promoted, 10% would like to become entrepreneurs, 7.9% will have less stress at the place of work, and almost 6% would like a better boss and a more united team.
When it comes to what they set out to achieve this year from a professional point of view, but failed, 25% of respondents say they would like to change their employer and 20% have proposed a salary increase. At the same time, 14.3% failed to change the field of activity and 13% did not advance to a 
Almost half of the respondents, 47%, say they are satisfied with the evolution of the 2019 earnings and only 10.3% said they are very satisfied. In contrast, 26% are dissatisfied and say they deserved more, and 16.7% are very dissatisfied.
The Bestjobs study was conducted between November 15 - December 5, 2019, on a representative sample of 974 Internet users. (source: