Compared to September the prices have decreased with 0.1 pct. on the domestic market and with 0.9 pct. on the external market. On sectors, prices have registered growth in the durable goods industry (0.3 pct), decreases being registered in the energetic industry (1.1 pct), intermediary goods industry (0.2 pct) and capital goods industry (0.2 pct) according to Mediafax.


Compared to October 2013, the prices of the industrial production have increased with 0.6 pct on the domestic market and have decreased with 1.1 pct on the external market. On industries, the prices have significantly increased on the durable goods industry, with 1.4 pct.


The prices in the FMCG and energetic industries have increased with 1.1 pct and 0.1 pct respectively, while the capital goods industry registered decreases of 1.5 pct. (Source: