The decision follows a slight improvement of the international fertilizers market.


‘Resuming production is also possible owing to commercial agreements with the only domestic producer of natural gas with which InterAgro collaborates, namely OMV Petrom,’ a group’s release mentions.

The factory of Turnu Magurele had been closed in July for maintenance, for an indefinite period.


Businessman Ioan Nicolae bought the Turnu Magurele factory in 2004. Donau Chem produces and markets mineral nitrogen fertilizers and intermediates (ammonia, nitric acid), besides spare parts and technological equipment. The formerly state-owned factory had more than 3,000 employees before 1989, and only 942 at present.


The main scope of Chemgas Slobozia is also the manufacturing and marketing of nitrogen fertilizers. As a part of the InterAgro Group, it benefitted from a capital inflow of 37 million euros for overhauling, restarting and operating the chemical platform, which was badly degraded after being unused for a longer period. (Source: