In the period of reference the mining industry witnessed a 4.7 percent decline. A breakdown by major industrial groups shows that growth was registered in the following sectors: the capital goods industry (+ 15.6 percent); the durables industry (+ 4.4 percent); the FMCG industry (+ 2.8 percent); the intermediate goods industry (+ 0.8 percent).

The energy industry on the other hand saw a decline by 9.5 percent. Also, INS reveals that the new orders in the Romanian industry, both for the domestic and foreign markets were up by 8.1 percent in the 10 months as compared to last January-October; they surged 6.2 percent in October from September and were by 10.3 percent more than in October 2012.


 In the 10 months to this October, rises were recorded in the capital goods industry (18.2 percent), the consumer goods (5.9 percent) and the consumer durables (4.0 percent). Drops were registered in the intermediate goods industry at 4.4 percent. (source: