In its turn, Lot 2 of the Nadlac-Arad motorway, which connects Pecica and Arad, could be ready this year too, if the tender for the designation of the contractor is not disputed on August 25. Premier Victor Ponta explained that, if only Lot 1, with a length of 22.1 km, is completed, there will be no connection to DN7, so Lot 2 (8 km) must be open to traffic as well. In his opinion, if nobody will contest the auction for the designation of the Lot 2 contractor, on August 25, the 8 km that must be built can be finalized by December this year, thus opening to traffic the 30 km motorway between Nadlac and Arad.


The premier mentioned that, if there will be unfounded contestations of the winner of Lot 2, works cannot begin earlier than the spring of next year. Ponta added that, in order to avoid contestations in the future tenders, the Law of public acquisitions has been modified “in the sense of increasing the provided guarantees.” (source: