“I am interested in us succeeding, for the first time, ahead of our Hungarian neighbors, to finish the Nadlac-Arad highway so that although we had a bad start in 2011 – with two sections won by some companies, the owner of one having legal problems of a criminal nature and the other filing for insolvency – eventually we made it. The first section is ready, the second section is in progress and we can open it for use this year, and in this way we can be one step ahead of our Hungarian neighbors in what concerns highways,” the Prime Minister stated.


Heavy rain prevented the delegation headed by the Premier to reach Pecica locality, which is close to the two sections of highway, however Victor Ponta stated that he will return to Arad to personally see the stage of construction works there.


“We badly want to continue to manage to achieve what was started and was stopped during the period of crisis and what we restarted,” Victor Ponta added, referring to other investment projects too.


The Nadlac-Arad highway section has a length of 38.8 kilometers, with the Nadlac-Pecica section totaling 22.21 kilometers. Construction works on the two sections are handled by a consortium formed by Astaldi and Max Boegl Romania. (source: nineoclock.ro)