“The purchase of Ferrosan and further expansion of the Cluj facility is part of Pfizer’s long term strategy and demonstrates our commitment to the Romanian market. While there are important changes in the business environment required that would likely facilitate further investments of a similar type, we believe that at this point Romania represents a sound strategic investment.” remarked Nolan Townsend, Country Manager, Pfizer Romania.


Pfizer’s Ferrosan site is part of the Pfizer global manufacturing and supply network. At the moment, the plant has a production capacity of 6 million packages per year using the existing packaging machines and the plan is to have a gradual increase of its capacity over the next 3 years.


Currently, 124 people are working in the factory and the number of people hired there may increase according with the level of the site development.


Pfizer developed an investment program for the Ferrosan Cluj site with the objective of extending the storage area for raw materials, packaging materials and finished goods. The working of the warehose is planned to be finished in March next year, the total investment reaching the level of 5,4 million USD.


“Currently, Pfizer is making this capital allocation to the reshaping of the factory part of a global strategy. We are transferring products from Denmark, third party suppliers and from Aprilia (Italy) to Ferrosan Cluj- Napoca (Romania), so that we are enlarging our warehousing capacity. Ferrosan objective is a production increase, from 3 million packages in 2013 to 11 million packages in the coming years, but our capacity is even bigger”declared, Kisten Mortensen. (Source: business-review.eu)