Therefore, the number of the real estate transactions has increased with over 76,000 compared to the same period of 2012, a release of ANCPI shows.

On national level, in July, 74,166 real estate transactions were registered, with 9,008 more than the previous month and with 13,637 more compared to July 2012.

Most of the real estate transactions in the first seven months were registered in Bucharest – 32,908, Timis – 29,366 and Arad – 25,272. On the opposite, the fewest real estate transactions were registered in Teleorman – 2,684, Bistrita-Nasaud – 3,627 and Gorj – 4,610.

In January-July 2013 the number of cadastre and land registry operations at national level was over 2.9 million, with 321,705 more than in the similar period of last year. Most of the operations were registered in Bucharest Bucuresti – 193,515, Timis – 177,701, Cluj – 137,460, while the districts of Salaj -28,100, Covasna – 31,772 and Olt – 32,082 have registered the fewest operations in the analyzed period.


At the same time, the number of mortgages and privileges registered in the land registry in the period January-July 2013 was 77,924, with a slight increase compared to the same period of last year. In July, the number of the mortgages and privileges registered at national level was 12,823, with 2,194 more than the previous month and with 1,661 compared to July 2012. (source: