Speaking about the estimation of the valuation services market, the head of the valuation department within Activ Property Services, Gabriel Munteanu, says: “if we speak about number of valuation reports, the valuation services market is dominated by small value properties, such as apartments and small lands, but, as its value, the big portfolios are predominant”.

“The accessible market as value was in 2012 of approx. EUR 18 million. Considering a stable trend we estimate that this value will keep in 2013, though a slight decreasing trend exists due to the pressure on the valuation reports cost”, Munteanu explains.

Considering the evolution of this market segment in 2014, Gabriel Munteanu considers that a growth would not be possible next year, due to the valuation reports costs drop.

The main customers will remain the banks, those requesting a detailed level of analyze. Moreover, the owners and the investors, as well as the real estate loans solicitors have generated and will continue to generate requests the real estate valuation sector. The banks represent a percentage of approx. 50% of clients of the valuation companies, according to Active Property Services representatives.

The share on types of valuation services in the last year favoured the commercial centres with approx. 30%, other retail premises registered approx. 23%, the logistics and industrial facilities approx. 21%, lands approx. 13%, offices 12%, car dealers 2% and 1% residential developments.

According to the valuation specialists, the potential market of the valuation services could double in the next years, with the return of the interest for investments in Romania and the growth of the exigencies on the regulated markets.


Considering the big problems the valuation services market faces, the representative of Activ Property Services names the lack of transparency of the information regarding real estate transactions and the legislative changes. (Source: wall-street.ro)