Romania is one of the main engines of business growth worldwide, WDP carrying out 15 projects in our country. The projects total 389,400 square meters, with a total investment cost estimated at 219 million euros.

Overall, WDP invested 478 million euros in 28 projects, managing a portfolio of 685,300 square meters of logistics space on the local market. The rental rate is 7.4%, average between the share of Western Europe (6.2%) and the share of Romania (8.7%).

The trend identified at the end of last year is thus continuing that the industrial and logistic sector, but also the number of real estate developers in Romania are registering an increasing trend. At the beginning of 2019, only 5% of the existing WDP spaces remained available.

Depending on the region, rents vary between 35 and 45 euros per square meter per year, 40% of the rented or rented spaces being in the Bucharest area, the other 60% being distributed in the main cities of the country.

Of the investments launched in Romania, six have the term of completion this year, among the final customers being retailers such as Carrefour, Aeronamic Eastern Europe, Kitchen Shop or Ursus Breweries.

Before the real estate crisis, WDP invested more than one billion euros in Romanian properties, the company's future projects involving hundreds of millions of euros. (source: