The registrations of Dacia cars in Europe amounted, in January, to 30,742 units, up by 7.4 percent compared to the similar period in 2014 (28,634 vehicles). In 2014, as many as 359,141 Dacia cars were sold in the EU, which was an advance by 23.9 percent from 2013.


Renault Group reported last month a 10.1 percent rise in sales, to 96,852 units.

The sales of German car groups Volkswagen and Daimler increased by 6.6 percent and 14.8 percent respectively, Ford and Toyota deliveries went up by 5.4 percent and respectively 8.5 percent respectively, while PSA Peugeot Citroen reported a 1.5 percent decline in sales.


The statistics refer to the car markets in 29 European countries, of which 26 in the European Union, without Malta, and three states participate in the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA): Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. (source: