Premier Victor Ponta announced on Friday at a press conference in Sibiu that he had talks with the representatives of the company that is building section III of the Sibiu-Orastie highway, and also with the CNADNR officials, who confirmed to him that the November 15 deadline set for the completion of works on that section will be respected.


“We are left with that third section, between Sibiu and Deva, where works are still ongoing. Before coming to Sibiu I also talked with the representatives of the company and the representatives of CNADNR and they confirmed to me the fact that this time they will meet the deadline and on November 15 at the latest there will be uninterrupted traffic between Sibiu and Deva,” the Premier stated.


He stated that he has also checked all four section of Sebes-Turda.

“They are adjudicated, the companies have started to work and that means that Sibiu County will be, as it is normal, an infrastructure hub which means development for the city and for the other localities,” the Premier added.


Asked what happens with the Sibiu-Pitesti highway, the Premier pointed out: “Minister Rus will present, I believe on September 18 or 19, that it is included in the Transport Master Plan that is financed from European funds. The Transylvania Highway cannot be financed from European funds, basically everything will come from the budget, from that extra excise, but I still believe we have to build it, just like we have to build Comarnic-Brasov.”


Sections 1, 2 and 4 of the Sibiu-Orastie highway were opened to traffic in December 2013, section 3, from Saliste to Cunta, still being a construction site because of the landslides in the area. Section 3 has a length of 22 kilometers, six of which are affected by landslides. The other 16 kilometers that have been completed cannot be opened for use because there is no exit ramp from the highway between Saliste and Cunta. (source: