‘The privatization program envisaged for 2015 provides for the sale of 35 trading companies. The signing of the contracts is determined by investors’ interest in the stakes offered by AAAS. In 2014 we concluded nine stock sale contracts,’ AAAS said in a reply.


As of January 20, 2015, the AAAS Insolvency Directorate had 2,173 insolvent debtors in its portfolio, of which 174 state-owned trading companies.


According to data provided by the institution, 1,005 AAAS debtors had the insolvency procedure concluded last year, of which 14 state-owned trading companies. AAAS cashed last year 10.72 million lei from insolvency procedures.


AAAS also said that it monitors 2,656 stock sale contracts concluded for the privatization of 2,352 companies. Post-privatization monitoring was completed for 149 stock sale contracts. The institution also said that no breach of the contractual obligations was found in 2014 to trigger the termination of the contracts.


AAAS has stakes in 595 trading companies in its portfolio. (source: nineoclock.ro)