Also, Symmetrica invested 2.2 million euro in the auto fleet that ensures the delivery of about 40% of the company’s production, while allocating funds for machinery and equipment for the production of small prefabricated molding lines (paving bricks, curbs, gutters, etc.).


“The Symmetrica brand was born in 1994, with the establishment of the company, when we made the first steps in discovering the systems for producing vibropressed tiles. The company’s portfolio gradually diversified, and we are currently the largest local manufacturer of small prefabricates (paving bricks, curbs, gutters, gutter covers), holding a 24% market share”, said Sebastian Bobu, Managing Director Symmetrica.


According to him, Symmetrica currently has a production capacity of 11,500 meters of products daily, and in its 20 years on the market it has delivered a total of 8 million meters of products throughout the country, as well as abroad. “70% of products delivered in the 20 years of existence were for public projects, while 20% were for private projects, either industrial or commercial. Only 10% of the volume produced in our factories during this period was for end customers or residential projects. In relation with the types of products, 60% of the volumes delivered were for paving”, Sebastian Bobu added.

He added that in the past, as well as currently, 90% of Symmetrica’s deliveries are for projects in the urban area, but that the rural area will also develop and invest more in planning.


Compared to Symmetrica’s business development since 1994, Sebastian Bobu pointed out that most of the increases were supported both by constant investment and the product portfolio, as well as the development of the market.“After recording a 5% increase in turnover in 2012, despite the negative evolution of the market, last year the company’s business increased again by 7%, reaching approximately 15.4 million euro”, Sebastian Bobu said.

According to him, the advance was also supported by the beginning of exports. Thus, last year the company started delivering products for projects in Moldova, and this trend is expected to continue this year as well.


„The first Symmetrica factory was opened in 1999 in Veresti, Suceava County, and in 2010 we opened the second production unit, in Podul Iloaiei, Iasi County. This was one of the key moments in the development of the company because we decided to make massive investments in order to cover as many areas in the country as possible. We also decided to internally produce the manufacturing lines necessary for this expansion”, Sebastian Bobu added.


„The increase of the company’s business, despite the difficult market climate was also supported by the large geographical coverage that we have. It offered us the possibility of a quick delivery at competitive prices, both in Moldova, Muntenia and Dobrogea, as well as in Transylvania, Symmetrica covering more than 80% of the country’s territory”, said Sebastian Bobu.

He added that the expansion which began in 2010 was facilitated by the fact that Symmetrica is internally producing manufacturing lines, which enables a better control of the production and, of course, a lower cost of investment.


Founded in 1994, Symmetrica is a 100% Romanian company, which is producing vibropressed paving bricks, curbs and gullies for pedestrian and roadways, in a variety of shapes and colors.


The first Symmetrica factory was opened in 1999 in Vere?ti, Suceava, followed by production units in Podu Iloaiei, Iasi (2010), and Bolintin Vale, near Bucharest (2011). In 2012, the company opened two new production facilities in Prejmer, Brasov, and intereag, Bistrita.


 The main projects for which Symmetrica delivered paving bricks and curbs include National Arena, The Balneal Spa in Vatra Dornei, Carrefour, Lidl, Penny Market, green paving parkings in Bucharest, etc. Also, the company's products were used for the rehabilitation of streets, sidewalks and green parks across the country. (source: