The owner of the eMAG online retailer (the South African Naspers group and the businessman Iulian Stanciu) has completed an estimated investment of around 9 million euros in a warehouse of approximately 20,000 square meters, located on a 7.4 hectare plot of land in Chitila.

This fall, the courier company Sameday is about to move its warehouses to the new space, recently entered on the list of industrial parks. This title provides the developer with a number of facilities, including exemption from the payment of land tax, building tax or payment of fees for issuing the building permit.

The move of Sameday from a rented space to a property comes after eMAG opened its own warehouse at the end of last year, with an area of 120,000 square meters, near the commune of Joița (Giurgiu), in the proximity of the A1 highway and close to Sameday new warehouse. (source: