On the industrial space market, a total area of 326,000 square meters was traded in the first three quarters nationally, increasing by 17%, compared to the same period last year, reveal the data from CBRE Research.

"If we study the typology of transactions, we notice that in the first three quarters, the transactions which represented new demand (45% of the leased volume) were the most frequent, which translates into a high appetite for new industrial spaces. In the last quarter, we witnessed an increased activity in pre-lease transactions, which accounted for over half of all transactions. Bucharest - Ilfov remained the most desired area in the first nine months, followed closely, especially in the last three months, by cities in the south of the country, which absorbed 35% of the leased volume“, stated Andrei Jerca, Head of Industrial Services, CBRE Romania.

The stock of A and B class industrial spaces reached 4.3 million square meters at the end of the first nine months of 2019, following the July - September period, when approximately 186,000 square meters were completed in 11 industrial projects. According to CBRE Research data, an additional area of 75,000 square meters of industrial space will be delivered in seven projects by the end of the year, of which about 72% has already been pre-rented. (source: CBRE)