"Comparing to the transactions targeting real estate projects, the number and the volume of transactions are growing. 15 large transactions with lands were registered in all the areas of Romania, totalizing an area of 630,000 sq. m", shows in a CBRE study.


"We identified three categories of land buyers: retailers (mostly Lidl, Dedeman, Kaufland, Leroy Merlin) looking for lands in main and secondary cities, producers, interested in lands to develop their factories (Dr. Oetker, Best Food, Continental) and the real estate developers, aiming lands in large cities for the construction of projects in the next period (NEPI, Globalworth and Kiseleff Development).


Timisoara was the “hot” area from the point of view of the land transactions, with 47 pct of the total area transacted in the first half of the year", the study shows.


Other cities with important land transactions were Bucharest, Brasov and other tertiary cities, interesting mostly for industrial developments. The price for lands continues to vary depending on the destination, location and accessibility and the availability in the area.

Considering these criteria, the lands in Bucharest or in the main cities, fit for retail or office projects could be sold with EUR 200-500/sq. m, but there are also cases where the prices exceed EUR 500 /sq m. (source: wall-street.ro)