The factory will employ 300 people and is the Turkish group’s first production unit outside of their home country. The plant is scheduled to become operational in October 2015.


It will cover a surface of 75,800 square meters, out of which 18,500 sq m are to be devoted to the factory itself. The unit will reach a production capacity of 11,000 tonnes in its first year, according to the company’s estimates.


“We’ve oriented our investment efforts towards Romania given the proper market conditions, regional advantages, logistics and the country’s economic stability. Moreover, since Craiova is centrally located where we will distribute, we can optimize distances from a logistic standpoint and we will be able to reach our consumers faster, so the products can remain fresh. Our intention is to become a regional and global brand. The investment in Romania represents an important step in this direction”, said Firuzhan Kanath, Eti president, quoted by


Eti was founded more than 50 years ago and currently has seven production plants with 7,000 total employees and exports products in over 40 countries. (source: