Cargus has seen investments in infrastructure and services pay off, with 54% of its growth provided by new clients and a good trading of its existing e-commerce portfolio. New products, such as the Express BOX for deliveries of up to 5 or 10 kilos, a premier product for the Romanian courier market, have provided a 5% growth in the segment of small and medium clients that pay in cash.

Gian Sharp, Cargus CEO, explains Cargus’ fast forward evolution on the domestic courier market:

“We set out to make 2013 a crucial year for Cargus. The company underwent major investments and targeted an accelerated growth process than in previous years by actively supporting the e-commerce industry and striving to provide the best integrated services on the market. The results show us that we have made 2013 a successful year by reaching a 20% growth vs. 2012, a positive evolution powered by all client segments. ”

The first two months of 2014 offer more positive perspectives with a 54% volumes increase for Cargus in comparison to the same period of 2013, mainly driven by a 90% growth in the e-commerce sector, but also a 37% increase in the B2B segment.


Cargus was acquired in 2012 by Abris Capital Partners, a leading mid-market private equity fund, and has made investments in fleet and infrastructure updates of approximately 4 million euros in 2013 alone. (source: