This is a first on the Romanian courier market, given that imports had been facilitated by third parties up until now.


“Cargus Express Europa simplifies international deliveries for our clients. Cargus will take over the entire delivery process for the country and offers the benefit of using one company, one bill and payment in the national coin. Clients will be able to receive their packages within one day of the order being placed“, according to the press release.


“We’ve noticed that more and more consumers buy products from European Union states. (…) The new service will allow our clients to buy EU products online and pay here, at the local exchange rate”, says Nadia Homoc, Commercial Manager Cargus.


Cargus, one of the biggest players on the internal deliveries segment, registered a 45 percent increase in deliveries in the first half of the year, compared to the same period of 2013.


The positive evolution is a consequence of introducing new services and increasing the number of clients in the business segment. The B2C (online commerce) segment is up 112 percent year on year. (source: