Equipping warehouses with semi-automatic sorting systems ensures doubling of operational capacity. The investment made at the warehouse in Brașov, equipped with an automatic sorting system, even generated a tripling of the operational capacity for the area served. The warehouse in Vaslui was opened in 2018 and modernized in 2021, the one in Brașov is a real logistics HUB, and the one in Pitești has one of the largest operating areas in Romania.

"All the efforts made to develop the logistics capacity and to improve the experience of our customers allow us to ensure the best delivery rate on the Romanian market - 92% of all deliveries reach their recipients the day after receipt. A good example of these efforts is our warehouse in Brașov, where Cargus has invested around 2 million Euros, from 2018 until now, in the endowment with specific equipment and the development of this logistics center. In addition, we aim to maintain the delivery rate next year, while we estimate a 30% increase in volumes, ”said Jarosław Śliwa, CEO of Cargus.

With a total area of 10,500 square meters, the Cargus warehouse in Brașov, with 13 truck ramps, 32 industrial gates and an automatic sorting line, operates both as a local base for Brașov County and as a regional HUB, ensuring a daily transit of up to 90,000 parcels and a fast (overnight) connection between stations. Together with the semiHUBs in Sibiu and Bacău, the warehouse in Brașov allows the transit in 24 hours between all the destinations of origin - including in the peak periods, in which the volumes register significant increases.

The warehouse in Buzau was opened in May and has an operating area of 1,385 square meters, to which is added the space of 280 square meters dedicated to offices. Due to the drive-in ramps and gates, the warehouse has a cross-docking model, which allows the processing of a wide range of weights and volumes, as well as the faster unloading and loading of vehicles. Thus, Cargus offers both couriers and customers a high quality of service, due to the improved time performance and flexible entry and exit options on courier routes. The end result is quality and fast deliveries. The investment in the Cargus Buzau warehouse amounts to 500,000 euros. A Ship & Go point is also open here.

The Cargus Pitesti warehouse is located on an area of over 15,000 square meters, with a storage area of 3,000 square meters 12,000 square meters are reserved for parking and outdoor platforms, and 200 square meters are allocated to office space. It is equipped with a covered ramp for 4 trucks, more than 100 covered parking spaces, 8 industrial gates and a Ship & Go point.

By 2022, Cargus is preparing to invest in another 16 warehouses. 10 of them represent relocation and modernization investments, and 6 of them will be completely new.