CTP Romania, a market leader in industrial development with a total built area of over 1,250,000 sqm, is the landlord of choice in one of the largest transactions closed end of last year beginning of this year in Romania: 75,000 sqm top notch warehouse within CTPark Bucharest West.

The operation was part of a long and well designed process which took almost one year in order to be fully defined, but now it has the shape of a very successful project which will be fully functional by the latest mid next year. The building is already up and it will be completed by CTP until the end of this year, while the set up of operations by IB Cargo and Maersk will take a couple of months more.

“We are extremely glad to be part of this project everyone in on our market wanted to have. We are having a great product and it is very encouraging that the relevant clients are appreciating it, both IB Cargo and Maersk with a huge experience in logistics, but also IKEA Supply AG which is a multinational company with very high standards. Our BREEAM “very good” building and the dedication of our team were highly appreciated and now we are doing our best to deliver according to the expectations of our clients”, has declared Ana Dumitrache, Country Manager CTP.

The distribution center occupies about two thirds of the largest logistics building in Romania located within ctPark Bucharest West: 75,000 sqm of 140,000 sqm. As all CTP buildings that are built to a minimum BREEAM 2014 ‘very good’ standard, and a minimum EPC ‘B’ rating, the new building will also integrate all the required features to fit the certification. CTP Romania achieves this due, in part, to the market leading energy efficient insulation and the LED lighting throughout, electric charging facilities, grey water recirculation, use of natural light in the warehouse and in all office areas.

„This partnership gives us the framework to be more than just a developer, but a partner that has a major role in the development of any business that’s choosing us for our premium services. The new building will be an extension of our best work: a one-stop shop and multipurpose building, perfectly placed, with direct acces to the A1 motorway that allows our partners from IB Cargo/Maersk to be flexible and offer the best solutions to their client”, added Andrei Koszti, Regional Commercial Manager CTP.