The 65 million-euro investment in this mega-warehouse has increased the storage capacity of eMAG to 160,000 sqm in 2018, from 120,000 sqm in 2017. The activity is now taking place in the new Joita warehouse with a capacity of 126,000 sqm and in a warehouse of about 40,000 sqm in P3 Logistics Park.

The new, highly technologicalized warehouse will give eMAG a shorter time to deliver orders. Within 35-40 minutes of the order, eMAG has the courier package ready. It is the latest technology found in a warehouse, and in the next period there will be several automations. Although it is a very large space, it is possible in 2-3 years to be too small as the ecommerce market evolves.

"Delivering is very important, delivering better and faster returns, gaining customer confidence, increasing online payment, increasing customer acquisitions, and thus continuing growth," said Alexandru Niculescu, vice president of eMAG operations for Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. (source: