For the moment, the sole shareholder of those companies, the District Council has assigned 100,000 lei from its budget to evaluate the parks’ assets, following which shares will be issued in order to be sold. The administrators of the district hope to obtain more than EUR 10 million.

In the facilities of Carfil Industrial Park there are working over 40 companies from Romania and abroad, in the field of industry and services. The warehouses of the former factories are rented from EUR 2 to EUR 6 per sq. m.

In 2012 the profit obtained by the company administrating Carfil Industrial Park was approx. 40,000 lei, seven times bigger than in 2011. Half of the amount went to the District Council’s account.

"We are now being evaluated, to see the effective value of stocks, the value of assets and probably afterwards the shareholder could take a decision and establish a strategy, if case, if not case to try the privatization. This could be a positive thing for this park but could also have negative impacts", said Răzvan Iosif , general manager of Carfil Industrial Park.


The evaluation of the assets also started for Metronom Industrial Park. Last year, the company’s profit was of nearly 100,000 de lei. (source: digi24.4o)