“This agreement creates the possibility and the legal and institutional framework by which 20 road connections over the Romanian-Hungarian border can be built with European money. The amount is EUR 80 million. (…) This agreement does not include the creation of new border points but the ministries of the Interior will discuss in the upcoming period about the passage proper,” said Dragnea during a press conference. He added that he talked to Sesztak Miklos about the possibility that a common Government session should be held in the near future.


As for the Minister of National Development in Hungary, he believes the development of A1 motorway is a priority, along with the conclusion of motorway M43.   “I talked to Minister Dragnea during the meeting on Thursday and also about the process of building motorway M4 and we agreed that the deadlines are achievable,” he said.


The two ministers signed the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of Hungary on the road connections between the shared border. The agreement includes the construction of 20 road connections over the state border between Romania and Hungary, in accordance with the Treaty between Romania and the Republic of Hungary on the state border between the two states, the mutual cooperation and assistance (signed in Bucharest on October 20, 2005). The funding is made from European money through the Transborder cooperation Programme Hungary-Romania 2007-2013). (source: nineoclock.ro)