INS shows that short term indicates the perception of the interviewees on the dynamics of a phenomenon, but it should not be mistaken for the intensity of the growth or the drop in the value of a statistical indicator.


In the survey for short term made in March 2014, the managers in the manufacturing industry estimate for the next three months the growth of the production volume ( short term19%).As regards the estimate of the production, for some activities there will be recorded a growth tendency higher than for the whole manufacturing industry: the manufacturing of tobacco products (short term plus 72%), manufacturing of paper and paper products (short term plus 39%) the manufacturing of substances and the chemical products and the manufacturing of computers and electronic and optical products ( short term 36%).


For the prices of industrial products, a relative stability is estimated for the next three months (short term plus 5%) and when referring to the number of employees a relative stability is estimated, the short term being plus 4% as a whole for the manufacturing industry.


In the constructions sector, according to the estimate for March 2014, for the following three months will record growth for the production volume (short term plus 23%) and the stock for contracts and orders (short term plus 17%).


At the same time, the managers estimate a moderate growth of the number of employees (short term plus 6%).As regards the prices in construction works, they estimate a moderate growth (short term plus 6%).


In the sector of retail, the managers estimated for the next three months a tendency for growth of the economic activity (short term plus 24%). The volume of orders for the suppliers of goods from commercial units will have growth (short term plus 18%).


In exchange, the employers estimate a moderate drop of the number of employees (short term minus 7%) in this sector, but the prices for retail will get increase for the next period (short term 20%).


According to the estimates of March 2014, the demand for services (turnover) will meet a moderate growth for the next three months (short term plus 7%).In the services sector they estimate a relative stability of the number of employees (short term plus 1%) and prices (short term plus 3%). (source: