Azomures Targu Mures has big plans to support farmers with necessary inputs. Azomures Commercial Director Calin Pop announced that in August the company’s market share reached 52 per cent, and its market share will reach 60 per cent following modernization investments that surpass EUR 240 M, investments that will be finalized this year.


“Over the last 12 months the Romanian domestic market has been estimated at 1,750,000 tons of fertilisers, representing domestic production and imports. This year it may shrink because of the structure of crops and because of the fact that certain agricultural segments have given up on the use of fertilisers or have reduced it significantly, segments such as viticulture. (…) In August, Azomures had a market share of 52 per cent; we forecast we will close 2015 somewhere along this line. Compared to last year, our market share has grown from 41 per cent to 52 per cent, which means we are focusing our efforts on the domestic market. (…) The remaining 48 per cent is covered by InterAgro, which was operational until spring and ceased its operations sometime in June, plus imports. (…) If the market totals 1,750,000 tons, then we, Azomures, cover around 800,000 tons, and after modernization we will reach a market share of 60 per cent,” Calin Pop pointed out.


According to him, last year around 66 per cent of Azomures’s production was sold on the domestic market. That figure has reached 73-74 per cent this year and the plan is for 80 per cent of its production to remain inside the country in the future.


Azomures’s Commercial Director pointed out that the company will soon open its new urea plant and will launch granulated urea on the market, a product that is superior to the prilled urea produced until now.


“Granulated urea has previously been brought on the Romanian market only by international traders; we will probably put pressure on imports because we will sell it at the price of prilled urea. Unless something happens on the market we will maintain that price. (…) The investments made also seek to boost production capacity from 900 to 1,400 tons per day. Starting in December, granulated urea will be available on the market. We have launched an information campaign for farmers, a campaign that started in August and will run until November, one in which we point out the economic advantages of this new type of urea,” Pop emphasized.


The commercial director added that this year Azomures has registered spectacular sales growth in the case of complex NPK fertilisers that allow for a better use of the soil, offering it protection.


In the spring of 2012 Azomures became the property of Ameropa Holding, a private Swiss company that is one of the most important grain and fertiliser traders in the world. (source: