"I would like to say that I am proud we have here today , in Romania, the most numerous British trade delegation since the Revolution of . Romania has some very ambitious plans especially when it comes to infrastructure, and Great Britain is very fit to help Romania in this sense. We believe that Romania and Great Britain are a match in this domain", said Brummell


In his turn, the head of the trade delegation from London, Brian Wilson, mentioned that Romania has organisational capacity and that the British companies are ready to invest here.


"Romania has an extraordinary development potential. The British companies are ready to help Romania's economy, so that the exchanges really matter. The British industry must play a key-role in the modernisation process of Romania," said Wilson.


More than 50 British companies visited Bucharest on March 9 and 10, as participants in the largest British trade mission in Romania since the Revolution of 1989. The initiative, aimed at stimulating trade exchanges between Romania and UK, was headed by Brian Wilson, Business Ambassador of the UK Trade and Investments (UK) organisation.


The mission is part of a more ample programme envisaging the doubling of the trade transactions between UK and the Central and Eastern Europe (ECE) up to 30 billion pounds, until 2020. The GREAT Mega Mission 2015 delegation explored the local opportunities in such business sectors as public transportation, water resources management, environment, nuclear energy, oil and natural gas.


Bilateral trade between Romania and UK reached up to 3 billion Euros in 2014, with British investment in Romania having reached up to 6.5 billion Euros. (source: actmedia.eu)