“Until 2018, the main priority of this Master Plan (Romania’s General Master Plan for Transports- e.n.), beyond all networks ensuring interconnectivity between various localities, regions, a.o., there are two essentials things: two highways south-north through Pitesti and Brasov and two other highways Bacau-Brasov and from Targu Neamt through Poiana Lacului. Considering the financing we have today, 2018 may be the year when we can have two highways, south-north and east-west,”Rus said.


The minister reiterated the fact that Pitesti-Sibiu and Craiova-Pitesti highways are found in the Master Plan.


 He also referred to railways and emphasized that no railway serving an area with economic development would be dismantled. “Romania has about 12,000 km of railway routes and over 20,000 km of rail road. No railway serving an area with economic development will be affected. There are two matters taken into account: the existence of companies which require the existence of railways and social problems. I encourage the Romanians, both those who like PSD, the liberals or PDL to give up scandals and think about positive things we could do together,” Rus added. (source: actmedia.eu)